Celebrating 20 years in business!ampersand

The ampersand symbol [&] is an abbreviated
combination of the letters ET, the Roman word
for and. Its name is derived from a spoken form
of the phrase and per se and.

Hundreds of beautiful—and often subtle—
style variations of this fascinating character exist.
At Ampers& Studio, those variations in style
and attention to detail are very important to us.
You see, we love type (and good design, too).

From corporate identities to publication design,
from websites to direct mail and collateral—
and virtually everything in between—we know the "how
and why" of selecting the appropriate fonts and graphics
for getting your message across effectively and aesthetically.

Ampers& Studio.
Serving greater New England with award-winning
graphic design and typography since 1986.

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"the LOVELY ampersand's
calligraphic qualities make it
a compelling design element
that can add visual appeal and
personality to any page."


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