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Amy’s Frame Shop | Logo

This client requested a logo redesign for their custom framing shop in Durham, NH. | 2012

Associated Buyers | Logo

This client was looking for a fresh new redesign for their existing logo to convey the natural and organic nature of their gourmet specialty food distributorship. | 2007
img of Be The Boss logo

Be The Boss | Logo

This start-up client was looking for a new logo to represent their empowerment seminars for budding entrepreneurs. | 2000

Broadway Kitchen | Logo

This client requested a logo for their newly-established, upscale restaurant in Dunedin, FL, which featured fresh, local foods in a classic Florida Gulf setting. | 2018

Briga-Jig | Logo

This client requested an identity for their shingle installation tool, which features an adjustable knob as its differentiator to similar products in the market. | 2011

CBAR | Logo

This client requested a single-color custom logo design for their private Texas ranch. | 2020
Img of FlyBaby logo

Fly Baby | Logo

A new start-up, this client requested a logo to convey their concept of an airport shop selling baby-related items for travelers on-the-go with babies-in-tow. | 2017

Granite State Innovations | Logo

The client requested a logo to identify their company which develops new product ideas from their NH-based headquarters. | 2012
JoyFarm logo img

Joy Farm Microgreens | Logo

This client desired a bright, fun logo for their start-up company; it was later applied to package labeling, signage, stationery & apparel. | 2020-21

Push To Talk Radios | Logo

This start-up client was seeking a clean and simple logo to convey their business as an online reseller of Motorola Push-to-Talk Radios. | 2015

UNH Philanthropy Day | Logo

This client requested a custom logo to commemorate a first annual Philanthropy Day on the campus of UNH Durham. | 2017
img of SecureStream logo

SecureStream | Logo

This start-up client was seeking a clean and simple logo to convey their business as an internet-based data security operation. | 2002

WinterCorp | Logo

This client requested an update to the design of their logo which conveyed their expertise in world-wide data storage and trends. | 2018

Well … that’s not technically true, but I really DO love creating and developing visual identities. From simple logos to across-the-board marketing/branding campaigns, I enjoy helping clients develop clear and consistent messaging which establishes or reinforces their corporate identity and branding. 

I will always strive to design a graphical element (or logo) which successfully identifies a particular entity in a clear, unique and memorable way. Since the logo is part of a larger visual/corporate identity (ID), I purposefully design them with a broader vision in mind of how these graphical elements might be incorporated as part of an identity. And I am always happy to further develop any logo (those developed by Ampers& or elsewhere) into effective corporate identity campaigns — with supporting print collateral, web, social and e-media, advertising, packaging and a host of other visual marketing tools — which ultimately contribute to shaping that entity’s overall visual/public image (or brand).

Above is a small sampling of some Logos/IDs designed and produced by Ampers& Studio; current and additional works my also be posted to our blog page.

I can help you develop a memorable, clear and strong identity. Make Contact today and see for yourself!

PS: I also offer new or refreshed print and website design services. ~ kf/&