::  relax, fluent “printer-ese” spoken here

Print is my specialty—and my first love. That’s why Ampers& has a thorough working knowledge of the printing industry and speaks their lingo fluently. If you need help with your next print project, I’d be happy to jump in anywhere I may be of service: from initial concepts to production of press-ready files, from determining job specifications to obtaining quotes, from scheduling print runs to overseeing blueline, color-key and onsite press proofs.

When it comes to print, Ampers& has got you covered.

Check out a sampling of printed works (below), designed and produced by Ampers& Studio.

[ EDITOR’S NOTE: This page is still a Work-in-Progress, as I search (in vain) for a good chunk of spare time to build a spiffy new portfolio here. Meanwhile,—although embarrassingly out of date, mind you—I give you: the Print Portfolio Page from my old website, ;) ]

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